In Canada, travel insurance is one of those things we pay for that is truly for "just in case". When you need it is the best money you every spent. If you don't need it is feels like a big ole waste of money. But in reality the same goes for our house insurance or our car insurance. Do not travel without Travel Insurance. 
Did you know - Not every credit card has Travel Insurance attached to the cards. This when you need to
 contact your credit card provider and ask for the details of what you are covered for or go on line and get the details of your coverage.


  • Is everyone traveling with you covered?
  • Is every part of my vacation covered? - Flights? Tours? Hotel? Cruise? Meals?
  • Can you use another credit card to pay the balance and still be covered?
  • Does it cover Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption?
  • Can I Cancel for Any Reason?
  • Are you covered for COVID reasons?
  • Are you covered for baggage loss?
  • Are you covered for International Emergency Medical Insurance and care? Is everyone traveling with you covered?
  • Do you have to pay up front and submit claims after?
  • Do they have a support center to call when you need help?

If you don't have enough or any coverage with your credit card company - call your Travel Advisor they can help get in touch with the right Travel Insurance Companies in your province. Even if you have some coverage with your credit card, you may want to top it up with an another policy. Many of our travelers top up their credit cards insurance plans. 

For more information on insurance go to -

Travel safe, Travel with confidence and enjoy your vacation!!

Kristie & Wendy